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<Sasha and Refiki>
<Sasha and fawn>
Sasha's intention is to inspire love of oneself, others, nature and the Divine. The purpose of her greeting card line is to inspire people to share their love. Through her work she encourages our dreams while drawing attention to the wonder and beauty that we are an integral part of.
She and her husband and partner, Sabastian, publish Sahsa's work through Eden River Arts. They work and live in a log home on a knoll with 2 cats, Nigel and Rumi, surrounded by majestic oak trees. They share this land with an abundance of wildlife from lizards and frogs, deer, rabbits, dragonflies, skunks, foxes and coyotes, an occasional bear, many bees, butterflies and birds ranging from hummingbirds, flocks of turkeys, quail, soaring hawks and a hooting white owl. They all roam this property together and find their way into Sasha's heart and then into her artwork.

About the Environment

At Eden River Arts we are inspired by people's rapidly growing awareness of our relationship with the environment. New opportunities for all of us to find greater harmony with nature surround us and we get very excited when we find new ways to walk gently on this planet.

We feel very fortunate to be in walking distance of a CSA organic farm. (CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture), however, this year Sasha has decided to grow our own vegetables. Keep your fingers crossed for us!
Sasha paints from her conviction that all of life is miraculous and interconnected. She lives her life as if it were a waking dream and sees every moment as perfect, bursting with unlimited potential for beauty, healing and love. She has an ability to see connections and inspire others with her insights and observations.
At public appearances people line up to connect with Sasha and walk away feeling encouraged and inspired about their own beauty, dreams and abilities.
100% of our personal and business electrical usage is provided by wind power - a clean and renewable, domestic energy source. We use CFL's extensively in our home and offices and have converted our fluorescent light fixtures to the more efficient T-8 systems.
The papers used in our greeting card products have the highest post consumer waste content in their classes. Our card stock is 50% recycled/30% post consumer waste and our envelopes are 100% post consumer waste. Paper that contains high levels of recycled paper content uses less energy, water, and trees and post consumer waste reuses paper that has already been used before and was recycled by other responsible people such as yourself. Our paper supplier uses 100% wind power in the manufacturing of their paper.
We are pleased to say that as of 2010 all of our shipping (both incoming and outgoing) is carbon neutral through a business partnership with Green Shipping!
<Green Is Good>
Sasha started painting early in her life. Her work is beautiful, inspiring and skillfully rendered. Her paintings have a beauty and grace that tends to belie the character and strength below its surface. Just as if you were to meet Sasha in person, you would see an elegance and a gentleness that might mask the character of one who would stand down a growling bear to rescue a fawn trapped in our goat pasture. Sasha’s life and art are all about sharing beauty, hope, inspiration, and character.
Using local vendors helps both our local economy and community. We use local vendors to buy our office supplies - remanufactured toner cartridges and 100% recycled paper products. We print locally and purchase renewable energy credits to help offset the carbon footprint of our printer’s business.
By recycling and re-using things, we have cut the trash generated by our business to approximately 5 gallons

(or less) per year.

Our car is a compressed natural gas Honda Civic GX (winner of the "Greenest Car in America" award numerous years in a row). It has very clean emissions and reduces our dependency on oil. 85% of the natural gas used in the USA is produced domestically and almost all of the balance comes from Canada.
Buying from us supports small independent businesses and families. Also benefitting from your support are nonprofit organizations such as Gather the Women, KVMR (our local community owned radio station) and The Bonneville Energy Foundation whose mission is encouraging and supporting the development and production of clean, renewable energy.
For us at Eden River Arts taking care of the environment and living harmoniously with nature just makes sense and we are grateful that more and more people are joining in. Green is good!
Sasha was honored to be 1 of 10 female artists selected by the state’s California Museum of History, Women, and the Arts to represent women painters in the state as part of the nation’s month long celebration of women.